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    Wednesday, May 24, 2017

    Things to keep in mind while on a road trip

     By Jumia Travel Tanzania

    Nowadays, it's not a strange thing to find people on a road trip in Tanzania. Things are different now compared to some few years back when most Tanzanians depended on commuter buses or trains.  

    An initiative to decide to take a road trip could be for family tour, visiting other siblings or leisure. But we must ask ourselves how many do know and consider tips to be on a road trip? Below are the things which Jumia Travel suggests if you think about would serve a big time ahead.
    Plan your trip. I don’t think you can succeed in anything without prior planning. That applies the same when you want to travel, make sure you have a proper plan from the starting to the ending point. For instance, you should be aware for how long your trip will take, a hotel you will stay in, how many people will fit in a vehicle, fuels the vehicle will need, what do when you have a flat tire and so forth.  

    Check your vehicle. Lots of things happen on road but some of them could be avoided if precautions are taken in advance. For example, to experience a car-breakdown while on road can be prevented by having a mechanic do a thorough check-up on it. You never if your car’s engine couldn’t manage to take you a half of your trip or break down in the middle of nowhere.

    Make sure your vehicle has all the documents. To travel out of the city does not mean that rules and regulations do not apply out there. So for your own safety make sure you vehicle has all the necessary documents such as driving license, road licence, insurance and all the requirements according to national laws and regulations. Failing to do that may result to your vehicle to be seized, impounded or being fined. Hence wasting much of time and money while you could you use it to driving. For example, how does it feel to be impounded by traffic police in Bagamoyo just a few kilometers away from Dar es Salaam for your car having expired road licence?  

    Expect challenges on road. It is very rare to travel on road without experiencing traffic jams, car breakdowns, accidents or regular traffic inspections. Therefore, it would be useful to prepare yourself and your colleagues for such incidents.

    Don’t pack too much. Travelling for a long distance does not mean you should carry a bunch of stuffs. By doing so you will be denying yourself opportunities to pack some interesting and cheap stuffs while on road.  

    Carry a map with you. Most of people like to go to place which they’re familiar with. Therefore, there would no need most of the time to carry a map. To some extent the technological advancement has facilitated easy access of maps through devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Apart from that, it is suggested to carry a paper map which you could use in any conditions. For example, there are paper maps which shows and guides you to every corner of Zanzibar when you visit.     

    Don’t forget some entertainment. Make sure you bring some entertainments with you on a road trip such as a CD with the best songs that you love, games as well as bites and drinks.

    Carry some cash. While on a road trip you might face some challenges which will need instant cash money in order to be solvent on the spot. Hence, make sure you have some cash in your pocket because some areas have no points for such services. Also that will help you to buy stuffs on road, for example, Morogoro regions has got lots of fresh farm products which most people stop and buy.  

    Keep your phone away. It will not make sense to be on a trip with either your family or friends and still be glued with your phone speaking or chat to friends back at home. Most of the times, purposes for road trips is to disconnect to the world and experience new surroundings. Therefore, make sure you interact and make new friends in a car, you never know how interesting it will be.

    Take photos. I don’t know how you are going to convince your colleagues that you’re on a road trip without showing them photos! Things have been easy nowadays, camera are just on your smartphone unlike some few years back. If that is the case, then make sure you take all the photos of the things and places and you in them while on a road trip. It will be unforgivable to pass through Mikumi National Park without taking photos of elephants and zebras passing across the road.

    People have not yet discovered how wonderful it would be to be on a road trip. Some people prefer to take flights so as to arrive early and do many things where they are heading or escape fatigue. But still Jumia Travel suggests to you that a road trip is the only way which could make you to discover and learn a lot of things about your country.  
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