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    Monday, December 24, 2007



    Channel O’s new, continental flagship show, Sprite Emcee Africa, is a reality based talent search show that travels to Accra - Ghana, Lagos - Nigeria, Dar es Salam - Tanzania, Nairobi - Kenya, Luanda - Angola, and Johannesburg, South Africa with one key mission:

    To crown the King or Queen of Africa’s lyrical freestyle arena! Sprite Emcee Africa will visit these 6 countries to host the battle for national lyrical supremacy and the opportunity is open to anybody who can make similes kiss metaphors. National winners will fly to Johannesburg , South Africa, to compete in the grand finale spectacle event, filmed live for TV.

    The King / Queen Emcee will not only receive, huge continental exposure though the process, but a whopping $10.000.00 cash prize, plus a once off recording and video deal awaits the continental lyrical champion.

    The Emcee Africa team from Channel O will be in Accra, Ghana on Wednesday 19th December, together with Icon Communications, Atlantis FM and Metro TV. They will host the EMCEE AFRICA round table media session on Thursday 20th December at The Polo Club restaurant, and the main battle for national lyrical supremacy will take place on Saturday 22nd at Usher Forte (national monument).

    The television program will air on Metro TV in February 2008.Channel 0 has made a name for itself by producing pan African music and lifestyle shows that resonate with the 18 – 24yr old market deeply engrossed in urban culture. Sprite Emcee Africa is no exception. No channel has taken the genre of Hip Hop this far before and provided a real opportunity to turn dormant talent into continental stars.

    “The show will provide a continental platform for people with passion, originality and talent. As always, at the heart and centre of everything we do, is our desire to showcase artists who are originally African, and world class and there are many of them. Having invested quite heavily in Nigeria this past year, it’s now time to put the spot light on Ghana and give our viewers and supporters the chance to represent themselves on Channel O.

    This is also an opportunity for us as a Channel to discover more about the vibrant music industry of Ghana and in the process we aim to make engaging, entertaining TV for the whole continent.” Yolisa Phahle, GM: Channel O

    The show will be hosted by Ugandan born, South African radio personality and Hip-Hop aficionado Leslie “Lee” Kasumba, who has managed to take her passion for hip-hop and use it to help play a major role in the growth of Hip-Hop on the continent.

    This is Lee’s first gig on the channel and she’s more than ready to step up to the challenge… Local TV personality Eddie Blay will co-cost the show. CHANNEL 0 SPRITE EMCEE AFRICA will also feature Atlantis FM DJ Kwame ‘Swift’ Farkye DJ Black and icon Reggie Rockstone
    “I have always been a firm believer that the African continent has some of the most amazing emcees, it’s a big part of our heritage as story tellers, and I hope that this show will prove my theory right" - Lee Kasumba, Host: Emcee Africa.
    For additional information on Emcee Africa, contact Natano Brache Mnet South Africa: +27 11 686 6031 -
    For production enquiries contact Raylene Brophy @ BonNgoe Productions +27 11 706 0630 or Raylene@republic.co.za
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